Vector Graphics Editor


2Geom is a computational geometry library intended for use with 2D vector graphics. It concentrates on high-level algorithms, such as computing the length of a curve or Boolean operations on paths. It evolved from the geometry code used in Inkscape, a free software, cross-platform vector graphics editor.

User guide

  • Overview of 2Geom
  • Primitives - points, angles, lines, axis-aligned rectangles...
  • Transformations - mathematical representation for operations like translation, scaling and rotation.
  • Fragments - one-dimensional functions and related utilities.
  • Curves - functions mapping the unit interval to points on a plane.
  • Shapes - circles, ellipses, polygons and the like.
  • Paths - sequences of contiguous curves, aka splines, and their processing.
  • Shape operations - boolean algebra, offsets and other advanced operations.
  • Geometric containers - efficient ways to store and retrieve geometric information.
  • Utilities - other useful code that does not fit under the above categories.
  • Release notes - what's new in 2Geom

Developer information