Submitting and reviewing extensions

This page details how extensions can be submitted to and moderated on the Inkscape website.

I want to submit my extension

Go through each of these actions and check to make sure your extension is ready to be made available in Inkscape:

  1. Check for limitations

    • Your extension must not contact the internet (unless exempted for a good reason)

    • It must not self-update, or edit files in the config directory.

    • It must be readable code, in English. Code in other languages or too obscure may not be accepted.

  2. Check the license of your code

    • Your code must be Free and Open Source. Using one of the available licenses such as GPL, AGPL, MIT, Apache2 etc.

    • Every included dependency must be also Free and Open Source.

  3. Check all of your dependencies

    • Your extension MUST be python based (except for template extensions)

    • It MUST work with python 3.6 or later

    • Any dependency not shipped with Inkscape MUST be packaged along side your extension. For example jinja2 would be included in a folder.

  4. Create a zip file of your extension and any external depdencies.

    • Include only one copy in the root of the zip file.

    • No specific versions for windows or linux, macOS.

  5. Check which versions of Inkscape it works with (each one, make a note for tagging later)

    • set the variable “INKSCAPE_PROFILE_DIR=/tmp/folder”

    • run the inkscape version

    • open the extensions manager

    • install the zip file you hope to submit (second tab, folder button at the bottom)

    • Your extension MUST work with at least one version of Inkscape.

  6. Sign your zip file

    • Use GnuPG to sign your zip file, use the same signature as the public key you uploaded to

    • OR use md5hash to create a less secure md5 signature of the zip file. Make sure you have some text in your gnupg key profile setting so you see the signature field when uploading.

  7. Upload the zip file to the extensions category in the website.

    • Include the generated signature

    • Title and description in English with as much detail as possible

    • Add Inkscape versions as you tested above.

    • Include a link to the Git repository.

    • Include an icon and screenshot file.

  8. Send a message to the Inkscape extensions team on RocketChat asking for a review.

I want to review a submission

Extensions Reviewer Checklist

  • ☐ Take next popular extension 1 or request to review

  • ☐ Check for existing verification signature

  • ☐ Contact author to inform about review

  • ☐ Unpack zip to extensions folder

  • ☐ Check zip contents for inx and py file

  • ☐ Check for license header and/or file

  • ☐ Run pytest and record test coverage

  • ☐ Run pylint to get code quality score

  • ☐ Visually confirm no mallicious or internet code

  • ☐ If no tests, add simple test upstream 2

  • ☐ Install zip using extensions manager

  • If everything is correct …

  • ☐ Add version tags and any other tags

  • ☐ Edit description, title, logos to improve presentation

  • ☐ contact a website administrator to complete

If everything is correct (must be admin):

  • ☐ Add testing and quality scores to decription

  • ☐ Generate signature key and upload

  • ☐ Generate md5 if package is not self-signed



Add simple inkex.tester comparision test